Combined Vibration and Climatic Chambers

Combining over two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of environmental test chambers, these Combined Vibration and Climatic Chambers from Zetatek offers brilliant design, exceptional build quality, performance and reliability at economical prices..

Test chambers of sizes varying from 500 litres to 1500 litres are available with temperature range from -70 °C to +180 °C and rate of cooling up to 5°C/ min. These chambers consist of an interface for mounting a vibration system to the chamber and performing both test at the same time. These chambers can be used anywhere from research and development to production purposes or even for quality testing. From circuit boards to satellites and missiles, from mechanical components to cars, any specimen can be subject and qualified to various environmental condition. Our chambers find their paramount application in industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive and electronics.





  • Port hole of required size.
  • Rapid/Stand
  • PC interface software with RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface port
  • Customized sizes of chambers & Vibration Test System
  • Suitable to flame Proof Application
  • Higher Rate of heating & Cooling up to 10°C/min
  • Digital display for temperature, limiting min/max
  • Electrical terminals/Feed through MIL connectorss
  • Recorder.
  • SS Exterior
  • Door lock with Password Access.
  • Automatic Water Refilling with alarm indication
  • Table-top Extender for Vibrator