Three-axis rate table

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Zetatek's Rate Tables feature an exclusive modular design, delivering accurate measurements of angular rates, acceleration, and positioning. These tables consist of a direct-drive brushless torque motor integrated with precision bearings and encoders. Components can be positioned on a meticulously crafted tabletop, allowing seamless motion with adaptable sliprings. Controlled via a graphical user interface (GUI), these rate tables find application in testing and calibrating inertial sensors like MEMS, IMUs, FOGs, and RLGs. Furthermore, environmental factors can be simulated by integrating the device with a temperature or climate chamber.


Three-axis rate tables

Three-axis rate tables are designed for scenarios which require the simulation of simultaneous motion in three distinct axes. Axial orthogonality is a crucial aspect when defining specifications for multi-axis systems.

To simulate additional environmental factors, the device can be paired with a temperature or climate chamber.

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Three-Axis Rate Table