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Designed for the precise alignment of opto-mechanical devices, the Pan-tilt systems are utilized for accurate pointing and tracking. These Pan-tilt systems are available in two configurations i.e. T-type and U-type. In the T-type configuration, the elevation axis features mounting interfaces on both sides for attaching the payload whereas, the U-type configuration has a mounting plate along the azimuth axis.

Both the elevation and azimuth axes are propelled by direct-drive brushless DC-torquers. An absolute optical encoder with high resolution is directly mounted on either the elevation or azimuth axis, ensuring no backlash or hysteresis between the position readout, torquers, and the load.

The elevation axis has a restricted degree of freedom, with resilient stops mechanically limiting its travel. Programmable software end stops are in place to prevent the elevation axis from exceeding the specified angular range.

In the azimuth axis, a built-in slipring allows for continuous rotation.

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